Real-Time Reporting

Get actionable insights for all client campaigns under one platform.

Agency Platform

Enjoy a custom platform of your own. White-label everything from your logo to branding.

Client Dashboard

Impress clients with your very own dashboard. Help your sales team increase revenue.

Real-Time Reporting

Stop paying for multiple software’s. Our real-time reporting features save you a fortune.

White-Label Services

Have our certified marketing experts at your fingertips fulfilling all your digital services.

Keyword Tracking Reporting

Search Engine Optimization

Track keywords down to page rank and keyword rank. View a 30-day spread and see improvements and changes on a per keyword basis. Get weekly updates and amaze your clients with actionable ranking insights.

Search Engine PPC Reporting

Google & Bing Ads

With our intuitive pay per click real-time reporting, you can view the entire Google and Bing ads interface right in your very own dashboard. You and your clients will enjoy viewing key metrics for your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords on a granular level.

Social Media PPC Reporting

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Track your ad campaigns in style. Our platform will display a split test view of all your campaigns and ad sets to show which are the best performers. Prove ROI and win your clients forever.

Local Citations Reporting

Directory Listings

Get your clients instantly listed in over 70+ directory listings and track everything along the way in real-time. View important metrics such as listings status, live listing links and analytics straight from the directories themselves.

Website Stats Reporting

Google Analytics

Get an in-depth view on how your client’s website is performing with our Google Analytics real-time reporting. View metrics such as visitors, visits, page visits, bounce rates, devices and much more.

Completed Task Reporting

Activity Feed Tracking

You and your clients will be able to track all completed tasks on their accounts in real-time through our awesome activity feed timeline. Our platform will also keep your clients up-to-date with white-labeled notification emails every time a task is complete.

Inbound Lead Reporting

Lead Tracking CRM

Once leads start trickling into the dashboard they’ll be organized and filtered for easy reporting. View metrics such as lead source, day/time, lead status, lead notes and so much more. Let your clients enjoy our light CRM system for all their leads.

Lead Source Reporting

Call, Form & Funnel Tracking

We’re all about proof of ROI when running marketing campaigns. When it comes down to tracking results there’s nothing better than tracking the actual conversions. Track all phone calls, form submissions and funnel submissions into one lead flow list.

Metric Reporting

Key Performance Indicators

It’s time to be transparent with your clients and prove the work that’s being done is bringing them an ROI. With key metrics across all campaigns, all under one platform, your clients will finally see all the hard work paying off.

Multiple Reports

Cross Channel Reporting

View all active campaigns from a pleasantly beautiful dashboard. No more logging into ten different platforms just to pull reports. Simply login in to your dashboard and view real-time reports across multiple campaign platforms.

Everything your Agency Needs

White-Label Platform

Enjoy a custom platform of your own. White-label everything from your logo to branding.

White-Label Services

Certified marketing experts at your fingertips, no need build a massive team.

White-Label Resources

Branded proposals, contracts, case studies and a complete agency video training course.

Real-Time Reporting

Stop paying massive amounts of money for multiple software’s, it’s all included for free.

Rockstar Support

Fast response times when it matters most through both live chat and phone support.

Large Community

Thousands of agencies worldwide have joined our white-label partner programs.

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