Facebook Ads

Review all campaigns with our stunning interface for Facebook Ads reporting.

Agency Platform

Enjoy a custom platform of your own. White-label everything from your logo to branding.

Client Dashboard

Impress clients with your very own dashboard. Help your sales team increase revenue.

Real-Time Reporting

Stop paying for multiple software’s. Our real-time reporting features save you a fortune.

White-Label Services

Have our certified marketing experts at your fingertips fulfilling all your digital services.

All Reporting Under One Platform

Facebook Ads Campaign Interface

Our Facebook Ads integration displays granular level reporting for campaigns and ad sets. Instantly analyze multiple pieces of data to find out which campaigns are performing the best, find top performing ad sets and so much more.

The Numbers That Matter

Most Important KPI’s

Get the KPI’s that matter the most within the click of a button. With multiple KPI metrics, you can easily drill down and find top performers within a couple seconds. No more tedious reporting and analyzing, we’ve integrated everything you need to see.

Multi-Channel Reporting

Facebook & Instagram

We’ve integrated the option to ad both Facebook and Instagram ads into the platform, as long as they are all connected the same Facebook ads account. With our beautifully designed interface there’s no more guessing or pulling multiple reports, it’s all available at one glance.

Filtering at Your Fingertips

Custom Date Range Filter

Pull real-time reports and filter data anyway you’d like. Use preset options such as today, yesterday, last 30 days and last month, or select a custom date range. Find out what days, weeks or months are the top performers.

Everything your Agency Needs

White-Label Platform

Enjoy a custom platform of your own. White-label everything from your logo to branding.

White-Label Services

Certified marketing experts at your fingertips, no need build a massive team.

White-Label Resources

Branded proposals, contracts, case studies and a complete agency video training course.

Real-Time Reporting

Stop paying massive amounts of money for multiple software’s, it’s all included for free.

Rockstar Support

Fast response times when it matters most through both live chat and phone support.

Large Community

Thousands of agencies worldwide have joined our white-label partner programs.

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