With a global annual spend of over $100 billion on digital marketing services, it seems like the right industry to be in. Statistics show there are over a half million marketing agencies worldwide. Problem is, most digital agencies fail and die out within the first couple months of opening.

But why?

The struggle between 3 main departments which is sales, fulfillment, and retention has always been the death of agencies.

Most small agencies can’t sell services, fulfill orders and retain clients all on their own. In fact, it’s almost impossible and only a hand full of agencies are capable of handling that capacity. The larger agencies that have the capital are depriving the smaller agencies of their livelihood and willpower to be successful.

When offering digital marketing services to SMB’s it’s more than just one service. Every SMB is different and has multiple marketing objectives. So, an agency that sells a website, SEO and a Facebook campaign to an SMB needs to make sure they have multiple people on staff to fulfill that order on a monthly basis.

But how?

Is the agency supposed to hire multiple employees to fulfill just a couple of orders? Are they supposed to outsource the work to multiple freelancers and break the production process? What about providing good results to the clients, so they get an ROI and stay long-term?

What if there was a way to do all this through one platform and still have a wildly profitable agency?

digital marketing platform strategy

That’s where DashClicks plans to break the internet. Their goal is to unite marketers worldwide into an all-in-one marketing platform that takes away all the headaches of running an agency.

Finally, an incredible marketing platform and white-label fulfillment center, together at last.

DashClicks provides digital marketing agencies with tons of value through their forever free marketing platform. The ability to scale their agency without having an enormous team, expensive software’s, having to create proven processes and so much more.

Aside from being a completely free educational platform slam packed with videos courses for agencies, it’s also providing agencies with an all-in-one solution for order fulfillment through one seamless platform. Agencies can log in, purchase a service for their client, get the order fulfilled and report to the client all from one white-labeled environment.

DashClicks was founded by Chad Kodary, CEO of Social Agency, a 10-year old digital marketing agency that’s lived through the agency struggles. His goal is to provide a solution for small to medium size agencies, so they don’t have to go through the struggles that he had to overcome.

“Agencies no longer need to worry about getting stuck in a hamster wheel. We make the agency process simple, wildly profitable and proficient. Now a one-person operation can manage hundreds of clients at scale with no overhead. We’re revolutionizing the marketing industry one day at a time.” – Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks

Agencies can simply create their forever free DashClicks account by visiting dashclicks.com and instantly have full access to video courses, downloadable documents, live support from marketing experts, branded and white-label client dashboards, plus so much more.

With the launch of DashClicks on October 15th, 2018, they’ve already had thousands of agencies worldwide join their community within a couple of weeks.

With their team of in-house developers, they plan to release weekly updates to the platform with one goal in mind, making the life of agency owners as easy as possible.

Agencies no longer need massive capital to scale. They no longer need to hire multiple employees to fulfill orders and worry about building a production process that actually works. They don’t need to pay thousands of dollars a month for expensive software’s that might not be a good fit for their needs.

All they need is DashClicks.

Join the revolution of marketing agencies and check our white-label digital marketing solutions. Create your forever free account at DashClicks.

The time to incorporate digital marketing into your company or business was yesterday. Now, more than ever, the possibility of getting your brand out into the world is mostly done through technology. With that in mind, having a white-labeled platform like Dash Clicks gives agencies and businesses the transparency they need to reach a far and wide demographic and take advantage of online marketing strategies.

1. Create a Brand

We provide white-labeled resources like proposals, contracts, and case studies with Dash Clicks. Build from the ground up exactly what you’ve envisioned for your company or agency. Target a wide demographic with forming a distinct voice that’s like none other. Creating a compelling brand makes you memorable for the audience. Although you may not have a large-sized company, the online marketing team you have backing you up can make a world of a difference.

2. Network with People

Get your brand out there! A large part of attracting a broad demographic has to do with effective networking. The potential for driving traffic to your agency is massively increased with using platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It’s all about who you know, and networking and building connections increase opportunities like ventures, client leads, partnerships, and sales. Networking opens up your eyes to everything online marketing including head honchos that can give expert wisdom to broaden your scope of business.

3. Pick Lucrative Niches

Research your competition and see what they’re doing on their sites. Produce qualitative and quantitative content for your clients to interact and stay engaged with your company. Enhance the quality of your relationships with customers and pinpoint your target audience by picking productive niches. Fine-tuning expertise will make your company stand out above the rest regardless of brand name or size.

4. Create Competitive Service Packages

Dash clicks provides a proven menu of services with industry standard rates they can use for their services offerings. See what your competition is advertising versus the industry standard to Set yourself apart from competitors with your service packages.

5. Procure Engaging and Educational Content

Marketing with content on blogs, articles, and product and service pages are still ranking big online. With the right content writers and managers, you can ensure that the research is extensive and the writing is professional. Content combined with industry-specific keywords and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will improve rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Informative, educational, and trustworthy content lets the customer know they can trust your brand and company with whatever services they need.

6. Provide World-Class Customer Service

Regardless of the advancements in technology and less face-to-face interaction, customers shouldn’t have to compromise on receiving prime customer service. Above all, putting clients first will always help your business improve word-of-mouth and customer satisfaction. Once you’ve developed a trust with customers, they will keep coming back for more. From there, your loyal customers will market for you through referring friends and family. Phenomenal customer service improves employee morale and gives a competitive edge.

7. Focus on Retaining Clients

Understanding your client’s needs Retaining clients goes hand-in-hand with providing transparent results and world-class customer service. With Dash Clicks, you can set reasonable expectations and layout every detail for the client to review. Tie in services to the bottom line; showcase how your contribution is improving profitability. Our team will provide the best-in-class white-label services for all clients with Dash Clicks.

8. Provide Transparent Results

Our client dashboard will prove the ROI for clients which keep them around for an extended period. Dash Clicks allows companies and agencies to lay everything out for clients to see every project that’s being tackled without anything hidden behind-the-scenes. Transparency in the workplace will enable employees to be informed about every project without any miscommunication. Keeping engagement at a steady increase in your company sets high standards and provides space for creativity and innovation. Enhance the service you give to your customers through delivering complete clearness within your business.

9. Use the Best Software’s

Dash clicks already has built-in software’s like keyword rankings, directory listings tracking, real-time reporting, etc. Efficiency is immediately increased because the software is designed specifically for online marketing instead of vice versa. Developing software like Dash clicks takes unique skill to ensure that it knows no bounds when it comes to digital marketing.

10. Have the Best Experts on Your Team

This goes without saying, but finding dedicated and educated professionals on your team are crucial to delivering outstanding work. Our team has been providing white-labeled digital marketing services since 2009. There is always room to improve and learn more about our craft, but with experts working in-house, you’re offering new employees a chance to have a mentor guiding them along the way.

By using these effective ten strategies, your digital marketing agency is looking toward a profitable future. Take the marketing world by storm by utilizing a cutting-edge and innovative software platform like Dash Clicks.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” – Rudyard Kipling

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